Manually Sending Lending Overdues

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Below is an outline of the setup required for each of your sites in order to process Borrowing overdues manually.

Doing this will stop automatic overdues from the System Manager and notices will not be sent out automatically.

Turning Off Automatic Overdues

To disable automatic sending of overdues, you will need to change a key in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

  1. Open the ILLiad Customization Manager and navigate to System | General.
  2. Go to the LendingOverdueNoticesActive key and change it to No.
  3. Click Save.

Setting Email Routing Rules

In order to send overdue notices manually, you will need to create some email routing rules.

  1. In the ILLiad Customization Manager, navigate to System | Email | EMailRouting.
  2. Create routing entries for the overdue notices you want to send manually. See Adding Email Routing Rules for more details on creating these routing rules.

    An entry is required for each type of overdue notice you want to send.

    1. Set the LoanTemplate and ArticleTemplate fields to the name of the email template you want to use to send the overdue notice. Be sure to use the file names which are displayed in the drop-down in the Notification Templates tab in the ILLiad Customization Manager (Lending Overdue 1, Lending Overdue Reminder, etc.). See Creating and Editing Email Templates for more details on creating and editing these templates.
  3. Click Save.

Sending Overdue Notices

Once you have made the configurations to send notices manually, you are ready to send the messages.

  1. To see the list of Lending overdue transactions, click on the Lending tab then click Overdues.
  2. Select the transaction/s that you want to send a notice for, then click Send Notification and choose the email to send.
  3. If the Update Last Overdue Notice button is selected, the last notice sent will display in the LastOverdueNoticeSent column.


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