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The OPTION tag is a way for ILLiad to create unique values in an option list to be used for a dropdown selection. This tag is currently only used to specify the options for "Special Service" (which is a customization being phased out by newer options) or to create the list of valid accounts for a Borrowing web user.

If you have turned on billing for either Borrowing or Document Delivery, ILLiad must have a valid account selected for every request submitted. The accounts are unique to each user, though, so the drop-down of choices would need custom values.

The OPTION tag to show the valid accounts for the logged-in user would generally be on the request forms and edit request forms. These allow the one tag to translate to a user-specific list of accounts for the user. An example of how this tag would display in the HTML:

9.1 Default Web Pages:

<select id="AccountNo" name="AccountNo" size="1" class="f-name">
<#OPTION name="ValidAccounts">

8.6 Default Web Pages:  

<select id="ValidAccountsDropDown" name="ValidAccountsDropDown" size="1" 
<#OPTION name="ValidAccounts">

The name of the field used on request forms is ValidAccountsDropDown, but the name of the option within the OPTION tag is ValidAccounts


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