DLL Tags

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The DLL tag is used within the HTML to define the value of the illiad.dll, illiadlending.dll, or illiadreports.dll itself. In previous versions of ILLiad, the action for the DLL was hard-coded with just the file name.

ILLiad allows the DLL to append the DLL file name with additional information such as an OpenURL citation or action to send the web user to a specific form. The DLL tag can then be replaced internally with the complete path as necessary. An example of how this tag would be used:

<form action="<#DLL>" method="post" name="Logon" class="f-wrap-1"> 

The <#DLL> value within the form means that it can be replaced with values more than just illiad.dll etc. All of the default web pages contain these tags already in the HTML, so no code changes are needed.


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