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The ACTION tag builds links to perform certain actions and display certain forms based on the variables included with the tag. This is how ILLiad can allow you to customize what links are available throughout the system or even outside of the ILLiad web pages themselves. The possible tag variables are listed below.

Action Variable

The action number designates what kind of action ILLiad should perform. The only action numbers you will be able to edit are action="2" for RSS links and action="10" for displaying specific forms within the web interface.

Type Variable

The type specifies if a particular form number should be used or if a particular type of action should be performed. The only editable links that use Type are RSS links - where a type of 40 is for the Alerts feed and a type of 41 is for the Notifications feed. Type and form are mutually exclusive within the ACTION tag.



Sample HTML

RSS Alerts


<a href="<#ACTION action="2" type="40" value=
"RSSID" valueType="lookup" includeSessionID=
"false">">Subscribe to Alerts Feed</a>

RSS Notifications


<a href="<#ACTION action="2" type="41" value=
"RSSID" valueType="lookup" includeSessionID=
"false">">Subscribe to Notifications Feed</a>

Form Variable

The form specifies which form should display for the given action. Type and form are mutually exclusive within the ACTION tag. Below is a list of all the possible form ACTION tags with sample HTML code for creating the links.

Note: Action tags number 63, 72, and 75 require additional information to generate the form.
Description Form Sample HTML/Email Tag
About 1
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="1">">
About ILLiad</a>
Custom 2
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="2" 
value="FAQ">">Frequently Asked Questions</a>
Main Menu 10
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="10">">
Main Menu</a> 
Generic Request 20
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="20" 
Loan Request


<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="21">">
Article Request 22
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="22">">
Book Chapter
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="23">">
Book Chapter</a>
Conference Paper
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="24">">
Conference Paper</a>
Patent Request 25
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="25">">
Report Request 26
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="26">">
Thesis Request 27
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="27">">
Standards Document
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="28">">
Standards Document</a>
Other Request 29
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="29">">
Other (Free Text)</a> 
View All 60
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="60">">
All Requests</a>
View Outstanding 62
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="62">">
Outstanding Requests</a>
Detailed Information 63
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="63" value="TN">">
Detailed Information</a>
Replace "TN" in action tag with specific transaction number (e.g., 12).
View Electronic Delivery 64
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="64">">
Electronically Received Articles</a>
View Electronic
Delivery Undelete
you may <a href="<#ACTION action="10" 
form="65">">undelete</a> articles
View Checked Out 66
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="66">">
Checked Out Items</a>
View History 68
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="68">">
History Requests</a>
View Cancelled 70
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="70">">
Cancelled Requests</a>
View Default Detailed 72
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="72" value="TN">">
View Default Detailed</a>
Replace "TN" in action tag with specific transaction number (e.g., 12).
View Notifications 73
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="73">">
View PDF 75
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="75" value="TN">"> View PDF</a> 
Replace "TN" in action tag with specific transaction number (e.g., 12).
User Registration 80
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="80">">
First Time Users Click Here</a>
User Information 81
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="81">">
Change User Information</a>
User Accounts 82
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="82">">
Change Accounts</a>
User Password Change 83
<a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="83">">
Change Password</a>
User Password Forgot 84
<a href="illiad.dll?Action=10&Form=84">
Forgot Password?</a>
User Password New 85
<#ACTION action="10" form="85" value=
"PasswordResetID" valueType="lookup" 
absolutePath="true" includeSessionID="false">

*This would be a tag in a password reset email template

Logoff 99
<a href="<#ACTION action="99">">Logoff 
<#PARAM name="Username"></a>

Value Variable

For both Type and Form, there also needs to be a value set to describe which type to perform or form to display. The exception to this is the Logoff action, which only has an action and no value.

ValueType Variable

ValueType is used to specify if a value is of the type lookup. If the ValueType is lookup, ILLiad knows to look up the value specified within the ACTION tag. While you can specify a ValueType of value, it's not required.

IncludeSessionID Variable

This determines if the SessionID should be included within the link. Valid values for this variable are either true or false.

AbsolutePath Variable

This determines if the WebURL customization key is prepended to the link or if it is relative to its current location. Valid values for this variable are either true or false.


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