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Using the INCLUDE tag to reference other HTML files

The INCLUDE tag allows the DLL to display the content from another HTML page within the parent page. The best example of this tag is the ILLiad Main Menu. The ILLiadMainMenu.html page contains references to an include_header.html, include_menu.html and include_footer.html page that surround the content of the main menu.

For these types of INCLUDE tags, the variable for the name of the HTML file would be filename. An example of how this tag would display in the HTML:

<#INCLUDE filename="include_menu.html">

Using the INCLUDE tag to customize the Detailed Information web page

Another use for the INCLUDE tag is to replace the DetailedInformation TABLE tag on the ViewDetailedInformation.html page with an INCLUDE tag to show specific detailed information for each document type. This allows you to customize the labels and information displayed to your web customers about requests they've submitted for each document type.

In this case, the variable with the tag would be type instead of filename. The only valid variable currently is DetailedDocTypeInformation. An example of how this tag would display in the HTML:

<#INCLUDE type="DetailedDocTypeInformation">


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