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The OPTION tag is a way for Ares to create unique values in an option list to be used for a dropdown selection.

Pull from Ares Database

These tags pull information from the Ares database to display to the end user. All fields from the tables mentioned below can be referenced in tags so if there is a web page that is missing a detail your web users may need or want, you can add a tag to pull that information from the database for that particular user, course, or item being referenced.

  • <#VALIDATION name="ERRORArticleTitle"> retrieves the error message for a required field from the WebValidation table.
  • <#COURSE field="CourseNumber"> pulls the CourseNumber field value from the Courses table.
  • <#ITEM field="Author"> pulls the Author Field value from the Items table.
  • <#USER field="Username"> pulls the Username field value from the Users table.

Send to Ares Database

These tags will send information from the Ares web pages to the Ares database.

  • <#PARAM name="Title"> sends the Title of the item to the Title field in the database.
  • <#PARAM name="Author"> sends the Author of the item to the Author field in the database.
  • <#PARAM name="Volume"> sends the Volume of the item to the Volume field in the database.

Other Tags

  • courseChoice="one" appears in the "IRF" (Instructor Request Form) web pages. If the value is changed from "one" to anything else, the list of courses the instructor has set up appears so that they may assign the item they are posting to more than one course.


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