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Copyright information is included by default on the bottom of all Ares forms. It is displayed on the GLogon.html form using the code:

<div id="footer">
<p>&copy; Copyright 2004 - 2008 <a href="">Atlas Systems, Inc.
</a> All Rights Reserved.</p>
<p><a href="#">University Library Home</a> | <a href="#">University Home</a></p>

It is included on all other forms by the use of a hardcoded COPYRIGHT tag and includes your University information in an include_footer.html page:  

<div id="footer">
<#INCLUDE filename="include_footer.html">

The text on these pages displays the copyright information in the format: © Copyright Atlas Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. University Library Home | University Home. Per your Ares license, this copyright information must be displayed on the main GLogon form. You can remove the copyright information from your other forms by hiding the footer code within those specific forms.

You can edit the copyright year on the GLogon.html form to the current year, if it is incorrect. However, the Copyright tag on the other forms is hardcoded and cannot be edited, so you may want to hide the footer information from your other forms if the year information there is not up to date.


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