Adding Reserve Items on the Web

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Instructors can add reserve Items to their courses using the Ares web interface. New Items can be added, and Items can be cloned from current and previous courses. To add a reserve Item, Instructors click on the Add Reserves Item link on the Instructor Course Tools Menu and complete the requested information on the Item form. After completing the form, clicking the submit button will add the Item to the Ares system.

Adding an Item

  1. From the Ares web home page, click to open a course. The Instructor Course Tools menu will display on the left.
  2. To add an Item to the selected course, click Add Reserve Items.
  3. A page will display that asks "What would you like to place on Reserves?" Default options are Article, Chapter, Book, File Upload, Free Text, Audio, and Video.
  4. Click on the Item type you want to add. The form for that Item type will display.
  5. Fill out citation information for the Item.
  6. Answer "How will this item be supplied?" See the table below for information on the possible answers.
  7. If needed, you can limit access to an Item by choosing a date range in the Reserve Restrictions grid.
  8. Click Submit Item

I will bring the material to the library

If an instructor only has a hardcopy of their Item, they can bring it to the Reserves staff to be scanned (if offered) and posted, or if it is a book (or item not able to be scanned), left at the desk for students to access or borrow. This Item will go to the status of Awaiting Supply by Instructor in the Ares client.

Please have library staff pull the material off the shelves The Instructor does not have the Item in their possession. This will put the Item in the Ares system to go through the normal Fulfillment process. Reserves staff then post or otherwise make the material available.
I will upload a file Except for Book, the default document types can be loaded in the Ares system using the "I will upload a file" feature. The File Upload and Free Text options assume a file upload.
The item should link to a website The Instructor must enter the URL in the designated field. When the student clicks "View this Item" they are taken directly to the web site.
Please consider this item for purchase and make it available to my students through course reserves This option is in only the Book Item page by default; it can be added to other Item pages and the text can be edited. Items that have this option checked will be routed to the Awaiting Purchase queue in the client. The Reserves staff can then decide if the Items should be routed to Acquisitions, canceled, or routed to other processing.

The type of file to be uploaded can be restricted by the Ares system Administrator by using the DocumentTypes table in the Ares Customization Manager. The Administrator can specify the file extensions allowed in the Ares system and whether it needs to be reviewed by the staff before it is available to students.

Editing or Deleting an Item

Once an Item has been added, the instructor can edit it if they made a mistake or delete it if the Item is no longer needed for the course. If an Item is deleted, the item physically remains on the server but Ares changes the status to "Item Cancelled by Instructor" so the Item is not viewable by the student users.

Newly created items will be displayed on the Instructor and Instructor Proxy Course Details panel in the Reserve Items grid. The Status column shows the current status of the items. Newly created items will display on the Instructor's Student View and on the Student's Course List as NEW when the item has been fulfilled. This feature allows the user to quickly know which items they have already looked at. Once viewed by the user, the icon changes to an Ares logo.

  • Reserve Item Types: The Reserve Items types listed here are the default options. They can be removed and new ones can be added, if necessary.
  • Copyright Permissions: An option that can be added to your item addition web pages is a checkbox that allows instructors to verify whether they have already received copyright permission from the rightsholder for the item posted. If checked, the item will bypass copyright processing in the Ares client. Contact Ares Support for the latest HTML code for this feature.
  • Newly Posted Items Icons: Like many of the default options in Ares, the Ares and New icons can be customized to your preference.

Editing Availability Dates for Items

At the bottom of each request form and edit request form, there is a table for Reserve Restrictions that allows the instructor to set the start and stop date for the item. This table can be hidden if a site doesn't want to allow instructor edits after a request has been processed. To enable instructor date edit privileges, set the WebEditAfterProcess to Yes to enable unrestricted edits to items after staff has processed the request or WebStatusAllowEdit customization key to specify approved statuses that allow editing. 



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