Configuring Photoduplication Requests to Skip the Order Estimate Step

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Note: This feature is not supported for use with photoduplication requests submitted via EAD finding aids, the Aeon external request endpoint (ERE), or the Archival Request form

You can modify your photoduplication submittal process to skip the order estimate step and send requests directly to Awaiting Order Processing. Adding a hidden field to the photoduplication form with the value set to Yes informs the DLL to skip the estimated phase and sends the request to the researcher's Outstanding Requests table with a status of Awaiting Order Processing:

<input type="hidden" name="SkipOrderEstimate" value="Yes">

The status line customization key, SLRequestReceivedSkipEstimate, notifies the user that the order has been received. This feature is useful, for example, if a site wants to create a photoduplication form for printed materials that includes the order estimate step and another form for manuscripts that would skip the estimate process. Remember that you must also add this hidden field to the Edit forms of any photoduplication forms that you modify for this feature. 


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