Submitting Error Feedback

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The ILLiad Feedback system provides staff with a convenient way to collect client information to send to ILLiad support. The Feedback icon, located on the right side of the ILLiad client, allows you to open the Feedback form from any page in the ILLiad client. ILLiad collects data about the issue from several tabs on the form. When you save the form, the data is transferred to a .zip file that you can easily email to support.

Submitting Feedback

When you click the Save button to submit feedback, the Client.log, Screenshot.png and SystemInformation.txt files are bundled into a zip file along with a summary.txt file and XML files. The other tabs house the information that is collected for support according to the toggle icons:

  • Screenshot: a screenshot of the client taken just before the Feedback form was opened
  • Logs: the ILLiad client logs
  • System Information: basic information about the client workstation that you are using
  1. Click the Feedback icon on the top right corner of the ILLiad client.
  2. Fill in your Name, E-mail, Organization, and write any Comments about the error you are having.
  3. To save the Log file, Screenshot, and System Information along with your information and comments, make sure the Submit Options are toggled on. These buttons are toggled on by default.
  4. If needed, edit the screenshot to show your specific error.
  5. To save the feedback file, click Save.
  6. The file will then save into a .zip file and can be emailed to your ILLiad support. The default feedback location is C:\Users\atlas\Documents\ILLiad.

The Screenshot

If the screenshot contains sensitive information that should not be submitted to support, you can edit it using the tools above the screenshot. The edit tools allow you to obscure information by either cropping the form or blocking out specific areas of the form.

The Help Icon

In addition to the Feedback icon, there is a Help icon on all forms in the ILLiad client. This is located at the top right of the client, and displays as a ? in a red bubble. Clicking this icon will link you to the current ILLiad documentation.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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