Processing Requests Placed by Researchers in the Reading Room

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As of Aeon v5.2, requests placed by users who are currently signed into a reading room will be routed from the Awaiting Request Processing status into the new New Reading Room Request status/queue by default. This queue indicates to staff that the request is for a researcher currently present in the reading room and may require a different processing workflow or special handling.

Note: The New Reading Room Request queue and its associated routing behavior are only available by default in Aeon installations that were implemented at Aeon 5.2 or later. Sites updating to Aeon 5.2 from a previous version of Aeon will not have the new default queue or routing rule added during the update process.

Modifying the Default Routing Behavior

Requests are routed from Awaiting Request Processing into the New Reading Room Request queue by a default routing rule located in the Routing tab of the Aeon Customization Manager. This routing behavior can be disabled or modified to prevent requests from automatically moving into the New Reading Room Request status. For more information about modifying the default routing rules and their associated queues, see Aeon Default Routing Rules.



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