Marking Users as Away

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Staff Users can mark Researchers as "Away" to indicate that the patron is temporarily away. This allows Staff to keep better track of Researchers without having to sign them in and out for smaller breaks.

Setting Users to Away from the Main Menu

  1. On the Signed In Users group, right-click on the User.
  2. Select Set to Away.
  3. The User's status will change and will appear in the Away group.

Setting Users to Away from the Request Form

  1. On the request form, click Away on the User group.
  2. The User's status will change to Away.

Displaying a Clock on Away Users

Staff Users can configure Aeon to display a clock image on the photo of "Away" Researchers.

  1. On the Aeon Main Menu, click the Main Menu Icon (MainMenuIcon.png).
  2. Click Options.
  3. Check the box "Show away icon on user image."
  4. The clock icon will now appear on user images on the Aeon main menu.



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