ILLiad Power Up: User Expiration Q&A

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The following Q&A was transcribed from the User Expiration ILLiad Power Up training session held on March 25th, 2020 by Heather Black. In the webinar, Heather talks about the new User Expiration feature released in ILLiad v9.1. She explains why you would use automatic user expiration and how to configure the feature.

To see the full recording, click play on the video below. You may also download a copy of the presentation attached to the bottom of this web page.


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Questions & Answers

User Expiration

On the user information update page, do users have to re-enter information or can they just verify and submit existing information?

Users do not have to re-enter information. The existing values in their records will display to verify and/or update. 

Do users receive an email notification that their records have expired?

No email is sent when the user record expires. They are only prompted to update information on their next ILLiad log-in.

Will the User Expiration options work the older webpages (ILLiad 9.0 and earlier)?

Yes, but you need to have updated ILLiad server and client software to version 9.1.

Will users only get the update prompt if they can log on to go to the main menu page?

Users will be prompted on any attempt to log on whether for the Main Menu or for the request forms._

We use Shibboleth (i.e. Remote Authentication). Will the expiration date in the client the same date that is in the ILS (Alma)?

No. The ILLiad expiration date is set when the user first logs into ILLiad. That date is likely different than the one set in your ILS.

We are hosted with OCLC, after we update and all the changes, does OCLC need to restart the server or is it not necessary?

Yes. We recommend having your server admin restart the System Manager.

If we set RenewedUsersClearedValue to Yes, it would apply only to existing patrons updating their account? Currently, we are manually clear all newly registered patrons.  We would like to continue this.

Correct, the RenewedUsersClearedValue will only be applied when a user record expires. Automatically clearing users on registration is set with a different key. 

Do we have to create a separate Expired Users page?

No, if you do not create the ExpiredUsers.html page, users will be prompted to update from the ChangeUserInformation.html page. If you do not create a new Expired User page, we recommend reviewing the Change User Information/Update Profile page to verify that the information displayed there matches your New User Registration form. 

The change user page populates with the patron's current info. If we create ExpiredUsers page, will this also pre-populate with current info or will it be a blank form?

Yes, it will. We recommend creating the ExpiredUsers.html page by copying the ChangeUserInformation.html page and then editing that as desired. 

Lock Account after Failed Log-on Attempts

Can we turn off the lock account feature?

Yes. The main key for this feature is in the Customization Manager under System | System | UsingUserLockout. To disable this feature set this key to No

After the patron is unlocked, is there an email that gets generated letting them know?

No email notification is sent when the account is locked.


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