ILLiad Power Up: Decision Support Pipeline Q&A

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The following Q&A was transcribed from the Decision Support Pipeline ILLiad Power Up training session held on March 4th, 2020 by Genie Powell. In the webinar, Genie talks about the new Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) feature released in ILLiad v9.1. She explains how DSP works and to configure the feature. 

To see the full recording, click play on the video below. 


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Can targets be set for each patron type? Or is it an all/nothing situation? (for example - faster for faculty but cheaper for undergrads)

You can set different matchstrings in the business rules to create separate rules for each patron type (e.g., undergrad vs. faculty). These rules can be made as specific or as granular as you would like for each business rule through the use of filters. You can narrow the rules down even to the specified username. When you are first using and testing the DSP, you can have the rules set for review instead of having them sent automatically until you can see how the rules would process the requests.

Example: Faculty requests will be processed using the fastest method regardless of the price; however, undergrad requests will be processed through the fastest method if the item costs less than $10. These would be outlined as two separate business rules for each patron type.

Pipeline RuleNumber RuleType Target Type Target MatchString
BorrowingArticlePreCopyright 1 Recommended Addon Fastest u.Status = 'Faculty' 
BorrowingArticlePreCopyright 2 Recommended Addon Fastest u.Status = 'Undergrad' and fd.Cost <= 10 

If I’m understanding correctly, we could upgrade to 9.1 without implementing DSP right away, then create rules targeting test users to try out DSP and figure out how we want to use it before targeting all requests? 

Yes, you can be specific down to username, collection of patrons/groups, etc. This allows you to test the DSP for only a specific group or even just your own user name at first. 

DOI field: Does the patron have to follow a specific format when he/she fills out the DOI? Such as omitting "DOI" or include "DOI" in front of the number?

The DOI Addon attempts to groom the value submitted by the user in the following ways: 

•Replace http with https
•Strip out spaces
•Change to
•Remove leading . Symbol
•Add to the beginning if it’s not there
It is not able to remove extra words like "I think the DOI is ... but could you look?"

Does the DOI come through to staff view or is it just used on the patron's end? (I'm thinking in case of an input error or other weirdness - to help us figure out what went wrong)

The DOI can show on the Staff client as well. You will have to customize the layout and add it to the form so you can see the DOI field. If the DOI format is wrong on the form, you will then be able to see the error, fix it, and throw it back into the DSP pipeline to check and make sure it doesn't populate different results. For example, if it said "my DOI is DOI: 1324324332" it may not show any results compared to the format "DOI: 1324324332".

Did you say that you can create a blank form in ILLiad that only requires the DOI? 

You can create a new web request form type. This form can include a field for the DOI without having to put this field on the main article request form.

If the user includes a DOI but also puts special info in the request form when the pipeline overwrites that info, is the original info saved somewhere? 

One of the settings in the DOI addon is used to overwrite transaction fields. If special info was put into the notes then the notes are preserved but if they put it in the title, you can tell the system whether you want it to be overwritten or to only fill out info if the field is left blank. This is helpful for any additional notes added that may not have been a field on the request form such as page number but were added to provide more information. Another setup option in the DOI addon is the ability to change the doctype to article or book chapter based on the information discovered.

Does the DOI search pull the ISSN into the ILLiad request? 

Yes, it does pull in the ISSN if it's available in the external system.

What is the Open Access addon searching? What is the source? Is the list of journals the same as the DOAJ that Rapid uses?    

The Open Access addon is using the API provided by, which is an aggregate of different sources. The list of those is available on their web site at:

When the request is filled, does the lending library field get filled?

It doesn't get filled for open access. If you would like to have the fields filled to prevent blank filled requests in your reports and have an idea of what you would want it to be filled with (e.g., the systemID) or if you want it to route to another queue before sending to request finished, please submit the idea to UserVoice. Thanks! As of right now since the request is not going throw all the steps and goes straight to request finished instead of delivered to web there will not be any stats for turnaround time.




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