Editing Text Boxes

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When you are working with Ares web pages and want to make changes to the form fields (text boxes), you make those edits in the HTML pages. For instance, to make changes to the Registration web page, you will edit the .html page titled GCreateAccount.html. There are three basic types of text boxes in the HTML pages:

  • Editable Fields. Blank input text boxes.
  • Default Fields. Pre-populated input text boxes.
  • Drop Down Fields. Boxes with pre-populated drop down values.

All of the explanations below use the GCreateAccount.html page as an example.

Blank Input Text Boxes

Editable fields are blank input text boxes that allow users to enter any text that matches the criteria defined in the WebValidation table. The Middle Name field in the GCreateAccount.html form is an example of an editable field. The HTML for this field is shown below. Note: This is not a default field; it was created for this example. Here is an example of an editable field:

<label for="Last Name">
	<span class="<#Validation name="ERRORLastName">"><b><span class="req">*</span>Last Name</b></span>
	<input id="LastName" name="LastName" type="text" size="40" class="f-name" tabindex="20" value="<#PARAM Name="LastName"/>"><br />

Pre-Populated Input Text Boxes

Default fields are pre-populated input boxes that have a default value as defined in the Default Values keys in the Ares Customization Manager. Users can choose this default value or override the text within the box. In the GCreateAccount.html example, these pre-populated values are City, State, Zip, Status, and Department. Here is the HTML code of the default web form value for City:

<label for="City">
	<span class="<#Validation name="ERRORCity">"><b><span class="req">*</span>City</b></span>
	<input id="City" name="City" type="text" size="20" class="f-name" tabindex="50" value="<#PARAM Name="City"/>"><br />

The default fields are pre-defined in the Web Interface table and cannot be created or edited.

Drop Down Text Boxes

Drop down boxes are fields with a pre-defined value, specified in either the HTML or via the CustomDropDown table in the Ares Customization Manager. Here is an example of the HTML code for the Department value as specified in the CustomDropDown table:

<label for="Department">
	span class="<#Validation name="ERRORDepartment">"><b><span class="req">*</span>Department</b></span>
	<#OPTION name="Custom" GroupName="Department" SelectedValue="<#PARAM name=Department>" tabindex="70" Size="1"><br/>


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