Creating Item Tables with Icons


You can create or adjust Item tables (such as the table on UCourseInfo.html) without losing the default icons. See Ares TABLE Tag for a list of all available table customizations.

Table Tags

The following table tags allow you to control the behavior of icons:

  • IconColumn: Specifies the column in which to display item icons.  May be used instead of the BothTitlesIcon and BothTitlesViewedIcon special columns.
  • IconAlign: Valid values are “Left” (default) and “Right”.  When IconColumn is specified, controls the alignment of the icon within the table cell.
  • IconStyle: Valid values are “Icon” (default) and “IconViewed”.  When IconColumn is specified and when viewed in a student context, will control whether or not to display the “New” icon next to the regular item icon if the student has not yet viewed an item.


<#TABLE class="instructor-table" name="Item" id="ItemTable" type="CourseItems" headerText="Reserve Items" LinkType="ItemInfo" AllowRowClick="Yes" LinkColumn="BothTitles" AllowJavascriptHover="Yes" column="ItemID:ID" column="BothTitles:Title" column="Author:Author" column="inactiveDate:Inactive" column="CurrentStatus:Status" column="Tags:Tags" NoDataAction="ShowMessage" NoDataMessage="There are no items in this course." allowsort="true" IconColumn="BothTitles" IconAlign="Left" >


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