Item Status on the Web

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The DisplayStatuses table can be used to display an alias status in place of the default wording of status on the Ares web pages. This allows you to choose your own wording and to have control over what your patrons see when they use the web pages.

This feature only applies to the Ares web pages. The original status name will still display in the Ares client and database.

Adding Display Statuses

Changing how statuses display on the web is done in the DisplayStatuses table, found under Web | Settings | DisplayStatuses in the Ares Customization Manager.

  1. Click New Record.
  2. Fill in the following values:

    ID Filled in automatically.
    Item Status This value can be either a status that exists in Ares or a regular expression.
    Web Display Status How you want the status to display on the Ares web pages. This can be static text or a regular expression.

DisplayStatuses Table

When an Item status is used on the web, the DLL will consult the DisplayStatuses table. If a match is found for the Item status, the WebDisplayStatus will be shown instead. Since a status has the potential to match multiple Item statuses, the first successful match to be found will be displayed. This matching will be done in the order of the ID for the entry in the DisplayStatuses table.

For example, if there was an Item that was at the status of "Item Cancelled by Instructor" and if the following entries were made in the DisplayStatuses table:

ID Item Status Web Display Status
3 Item Cancelled by Instructor You cancelled this Item
4 Item Cancelled by (.+ ) Item Cancelled

It would match on ID 3 and would then display "You cancelled this item" on the web.

However, for an Item at the status of "Item Cancelled by Staff" or any other custom cancellation status, it would skip ID 3 and match on ID 4, displaying "Item Cancelled" on the web.

Regular Expressions

Both the Item Status and Web Display Status fields can be either static text or use a regular expression.


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