Instructor Web Interface

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Instructors and students access the Reserves Department through the Web Interface. The Web Interface connection is http://Ares/ServerName/Ares. After being cleared by library staff for Instructor Privileges, Instructors can log into Ares from the Web Interface and view the Instructor Main Menu page. The main screen of the Instructor Main Menu page contains a grid of current courses, a grid of any reserve items that require action from the Instructor (such as Awaiting Supply by Instructor), and an Alerts box with any current Alerts visible. The Main Menu Sidebar contains the options to Logoff, switch to Student Mode or Instructor Mode, the Instructor Tools Menu or Teaching Assistant Tools Menu and access to the Ares Tools Menu. The available menu options visible on the Main Menu sidebar depend upon the User designation and whether the user has been given Full or Course Proxy status. The Instructor Course Tools Menu is another important menu and is visible after selecting a course from the current, upcoming or previous courses.

User Designation and Available Menu

User Designation Main Menu Sidebar Menu Course Details Sidebar Menu


Instructor Tools

Instructor Course Tools

Full Proxy User

Teaching Assistant Tools

Instructor Course Tools

Course Proxy User

Proxy Course Tools

Proxy Course Tools

Actions Available in Menus

Instructor Web Interface Instructor Web Interface Proxy Course Tools Menu Instructor Course Tools Menu

Create a New Course

Create Course

Course Home

Course Home

Previous Courses


Authorized Users

Edit Course

Upcoming Courses


Add Reserve Items

Cross Listings

Full Proxy Users


Reserve Item Usage

Delete Course




Clone Course




Course Proxy Users




Authorized Users




Add Reserved Items




Message Board




Reserve item Usage

Staff can give users "Instructor Privileges" from within the client, which allows a user to access the Instructor Tools menu. Since users with Instructor Privileges can create courses, a user given this privilege can also access Instructor Course Tools for the courses they create. Instructors might want to use this feature to allow a user the same privileges as a Full Proxy User for specific courses only.


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