Custom Searching

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In addition to the basic searching described above, staff users can perform more advanced searches using Custom Searching. To use custom searching, click the Custom Request Search arrow to the right of each search box. These custom queries can be saved as reports and reloaded later or shared with other staff or institutions.

Performing a Custom Search

Each of the Search boxes, Items, Courses, and Users, contains a Custom Search feature that allows you to narrow and conditionalize your search. You can also preview your parameters and save your search queries to reload or share with other staff users.

  1. Click the custom search arrow in the area you want to search: Items, Courses, or Users.
  2. The custom search tab will open.
  3. To add parameters, click the (plus) symbol.
  4. Choose the Table and Field you want to search from, and click Accept.
  5. Enter the value you want to search.
  6. Click Search. Results will appear in the grid.

Custom Search Parameters

The following tables can be searched with Custom Searching.

Custom Item Searching

  • Items
  • Courses
  • Users
  • ItemCopyright
  • ItemHistory
  • ItemTracking
  • ItemNotes
  • ItemFlags

Custom Course Searching

  • Courses
  • Users

Custom User Searching

  • Users
  • UserNotes


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