Adding a Tag to Multiple Items

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Instructors and students can add a tag to multiple Items at once on the Course information pages.

See Allowing Batch Tag Adding for code and instructions on how to enable this functionality on your Ares web pages.

Adding Batch Tags

If the web pages have been modified to use this feature, Instructors will see the "Enable Batch Tag Editing" button on the Course Details page on the Ares web pages.

  1. Navigate to a Course Details page on the Ares web pages.
  2. Click on Enable Batch Tag Editing. A Batch Edit section will appear.
  3. In the Tag field, type in the tag you want to add to one or more Items.
  4. Check the box next to each Item you want to add the tag to.
  5. Click Add Batch Tags.
  6. The tag will be added to the Items, and will appear in the Tags column.


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