Cloning Courses

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Ares allows you to clone courses, and the items in those courses, to a new course. Course are cloned from the Course form. You can select an Instructor, semester, and proxy instructors as well as choose whether or not to include cross-listings. You can also choose which items you want to copy to the new course.

Cloned courses retain the original information from the General Information section of the Details tab. Other information, such as estimated enrollment, is not carried over to the new course. The reserve items you elected to clone are added to the Course Items tab of the new course.

  1. Select and open the Course form from Course search results.
  2. Click Clone Course in the Home ribbon.
  3. The Clone Course form opens in a new tab.
  4. The Instructor field displays the username of the current instructor.
  5. Select a new Instructor if necessary by clicking the down arrow and choosing the Username.
    • If the new Instructor was a Course Proxy in the original course, that Instructor's Course Proxy record will be removed from the newly created Course.
  6. Select the Semester for the new course.
  7. If you do not want to include cross-listings, uncheck this option.
  8. The Include Cross Listings option is set to Yes by default.
  9. If you want to include Proxy Instructors from the list of current Course Proxies, select those that you want to use. All proxies are selected by default.
  10. Use the Select All and Unselect All buttons to quickly select or deselect all Course Proxy Instructors, or uncheck the box of those proxies you do not want to use.
    • Only Course Proxies will be available in the selection list.
    • All Full Proxies will automatically be added to the new Course.
    • Only Course Proxies associated with the course when the Clone Course form was opened will be copied to the new Course. If you create a new Course Proxy for the Course after opening it but prior to cloning the Course, the newly added Course Proxy will not be copied to the new Course.
  11. In the Items box, choose any items from the original course you want to include in the new course. By default, all items are selected.
  12. Use the Select All and Unselect All buttons to quickly select or deselect all reserve items, or uncheck the box of those items you do not want to use.
  13. Click Clone Course to create the new course.
  14. The new Course form automatically displays. The Details tab is open, showing the new course details.
  15. The reserve items display in the Course Items tab with the appropriate status depending upon whether they are hard copy or digital items.
    • All hard copy items will go to Awaiting Reserves Processing.
    • All electronic items (web links and uploaded files) will go to Item Available on Electronic Reserves.
    • If the cloned course's dates fall in the future, then the items will go to Item Activation Pending.
    • Course Proxies appear under the Course Users tab. You can add additional course proxies from here.

All electronic items (web links and uploaded files) will go to the Item Available on Electronic Reserves status when cloned, regardless of the Item status of the Item being cloned. The Force Review on Clone value in the Customization Manager applies only to cloning from the web.


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