Creating and Applying Service Packages

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Service Packages allow you to group billing charges into packages that can be applied to photoduplication requests. They are managed in the Customization Manager from the Service Package ribbon tab. They are defined by their name, Billing Category, and the Billing Default charges that will be applied by the Service Package.

You can create as many Service Packages as you want. You cannot have more than one Service Package with the same name and Billing Category, but you can have Service Packages with the same name and different Billing Categories. Once created, you can edit a Service Package's name and linked billing defaults, but you cannot change its Billing Category. The "Copy to New Billing Category" option makes it easy to duplicate an existing Service Package's values to a different Billing Category.

Creating Service Packages

Service Packages are created in the Aeon Customization Manager.

  1. In the Aeon Customization Manager, click on the Service Packages ribbon.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter in the Name of the new Service Package, and select the Billing Category associated with it.
  4. In the Service Package Details section you will see the Name, Billing Category, and possible Billing charges.
  5. Check the boxes for the Billing charges you wish to include as a part of the Service Package.
  6. Click Save.

Global Billing Category

Service Packages can only be applied to photoduplication requests that have the same Billing Category as the Service Package's Billing Category.

  • For regular photoduplication requests, the Billing Category is the User's category.
  • For photoduplication requests associated with a Researcher, the Billing Category is the Researcher's category.
  • For photoduplication requests associated with an Activity, the Billing Category is the Activity's category.

There is also a special Billing Category named Global. Service Packages with the Global Billing Category are available to any photoduplication request regardless of its own Billing Category. In the "Apply Service Package" button's dropdown list, Global Service Packages will display above the separator line, and those matching the request's Billing Category will be below the line.

If a Service Package with a Global Billing Category is applied to a request, when there are matching charge names in the request's Billing Category those will be used instead of the Global charges.

Applying Service Packages

You can apply Service Packages to requests using the Aeon Desktop Client:

  1. Open the request in the Aeon Desktop Client.
  2. Click Apply Service Package.
  3. Select the Service Package you wish to apply to the request.
  4. New entries will appear in the Billing Estimate section under the Billing tab.
  5. You can then generate an invoice and/or proceed with the request as usual.







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