Adding and Modifying Address Records

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You can add a new address for a symbol by going to the Lending ribbon on the Main Page and clicking the Address icon. This will create an additional record for that symbol using the new address. The original address for the symbol will be unaffected.
  1. Under the Lending tab on the ILLiad main menu, click New Address.
  2. Fill in the information for the new address. Symbol, Library Name, and Shipping Address are required fields.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting Addresses

You can delete a selected address in the Search Address Results form, by clicking on the Delete icon in the Addresses ribbon. Addresses associated with requests cannot be deleted, however, you can merge addresses as explained below.

Blocking Institutions

Institutions may be blocked in the ILLiad Client from the Lender Address form by checking the Library Blocked checkbox.

Resetting a Web Password

You may reset an institution's password or enable access to your institution's lending web pages by clicking the Change Password icon on the Home ribbon of the Lender Address form.



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