Merging Address Records

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To eliminate an address for a symbol and move any associated transactions to one of the symbol's other addresses, use the Merge Lenders button on the Addresses ribbon in the Lending Stacks Searching.

  1. Clicking the two addresses you wish to merge will activate the Merge Lenders Button.
  2. This opens the Merge Lenders form, which displays the New Lender Details (newest address information) and Existing Lender Details.
  3. Choose between the two merge options available, Keep New Lender / Delete Existing Lender or Keep Existing Lender / Delete New Lender.
  4. This will mark the chosen address for deletion and ready the associated transactions for merging.
  5. Once this action is performed, the chosen address will be deleted and all transactions that were associated with that address will now be associated with the remaining address.

Lender address records cannot be merged if either of the lenders has generated invoices. Attempting to merge lenders with invoices attached to them prompts an error message indicating that the address records cannot be merged because one or both lenders have active (or any non-cancelled) invoices. Cancelled invoices do not prohibit the lender addresses from being merged.


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