Setting up Microsoft SQL Server Database Backups

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The most crucial component of the ILLiad system is the Microsoft SQL Server database. Most other ILLiad components can be replaced, but the Microsoft SQL Server database contains all of the request history, users, tracking and customization settings for the ILLiad system.

It is IMPERATIVE to have regular and safe backup copies of your ILLiad database.

Making a Single Backup of the ILLiad Database

  1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Under your server name, expand Databases and right click on your ILLiad database.
  3. Select Tasks - Back Up.
  4. Under Backup type, choose Full to back up the entire database.
  5. Under Backup component, choose Database.
  6. The default backup destination will display in the Destination section. If you want to back up to a different destination, click on the Add button.
  7. Switch to the Options page and under Overwrite media, choose Back up to the existing media set and Overwrite all existing backup sets. This does not matter for the first single backup file, but it would overwrite the file should you use the same destination for a backup later.
  8. From either the General or Options page, choose OK.
  9. The backup will begin. When it is completed you will see the message, "The backup of the database (database name) completed successfully." Click OK.
  10. The backup file created is a copy of the entire ILLiad database that could be used to restore on another machine.


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