ILLiad Basic: Authentication Checkbox

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The User Information tab on the User form contains an ILLiad Authentication checkbox that indicates whether a customer uses ILLiad authentication or a default authentication as configured in the WebAuthType key (LDAP, PatronAPI, etc.).

Staff can override the value of the WebAuthType key by checking the ILLiad Authentication checkbox on the User form. This is useful when you are using LDAP, PatronAPI Exclusive, ILLiad Exclusive authentication, etc. as defined by the WebAuthType key, and want to create a dummy user to test your web pages or if there is an occasion to override the default value and assign a value of ILLiad.

Checking the checkbox sets the user's authentication to ILLiad and the user can access the web interface by creating an account login and password. Unchecking the checkbox sets the user's authentication to the default as configured in the WebAuthType key. The Users.AuthType field in the database is set to either ILLiad or Default depending upon whether the checkbox is checked (ILLiad) or unchecked (Default).


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