SymphonyAPI: Customizing Settings

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SymphonyAPI authentication works similar to how PatronAPI authenticates users who interface into ILS/OPAC, except Symphony API is used to authenticate users into the SIRSI Symphony catalogs.

The SymphonyAPI settings are located in the ILLiad Customization Manager under Web Interface | Symphony.

Please note that it's common for Web Services to be secured by IP based restrictions. You may need to provide SirsiDynix or your Symphony server administrator with the IP address of your ILLiad server so that they can allow the necessary communication between your ILLiad server and your Symphony Web Service.

This is the full URL and path to your Symphony Web Service.  If you are unsure which URL to use, your SirsiDynix Project Manager can provide it for you. Example values might include or

SymphonyAPIExclusive This determines if SymphonyAPI is used to auto-clear users or restrict access to only those who pass all criteria in the SymphonyAPI server. This key should be set to No if customers not in the SymphonyAPI server should still be allowed to register and Yes to only allow customers who pass the SymphonyAPI authentication to register with ILLiad. Details on this are below. Example: Yes or No.
SymphonyExpireDate Only used if SymphonyAPIExculusive and ExpireDate are set to Yes. ILLiad will compare the Symphony expiration date of the user. If the current date is before the SymphonyExpireDate, then the user will not be blocked and unable to register for Symphony.


Specifies the Symphony field from which data will be retrieved during a user lookup. Any Symphony field may be used for this purpose.

Specifies the ILLiad field that will be used during a user lookup to match with the data retrieved from the Symphony field defined in SymphonyUserLookupType.

This must be a field defined in the ILLiad User Table (e.g. SSN).

SymphonyAPIStandingBlock ILLiad will check the Symphony Standing to verify if the user is considered an unauthorized standing (default: BARRED,DELINQUENT).


Only used if SymphonyAPIExclusive is set to Yes and the SymphonyAPIStandingBlock produces a value in the default list. The user will be blocked if their Standing value matches an unauthorized standing (e.g. BARRED,DELINQUENT). The value can be customized.
SymphonyAPIStaffUsername The staff username that connects to the API to establish an API session and perform a user lookup.
SymphonyAPIStaffPassword The staff password associated with the staff username that connects to the API to establish an API session and perform a user lookup.
SymphonyAPIClientID Your library's specific ClientID provided by SIRSI/Symphony.
SymphonyAPILibraryID Your library ID associated with SIRSI/Symphony. Used to perform a lookup in Symphony.
AutoClearPreRegisteredUsers Only used is SymphonyAPIExclusive is set to No. Clears users in the client automatically if set to Yes.
SymphonyAPICheckProfile Determines if the SymphonyAPI authentication should check if the profile is valid. Default value is set to No. To have this key verify profile validity, change the value to yes.
SymphonyAPIAcceptedProfileTypes Designated profile types that are considered valid for using ILLiad. Profile types allow you to assign users to a policy group(s) for user access. The default value is Null and the key can be comma delimited for multiple values. 

Failed Authentication settings can be located under Web Interface | Status Lines.

SLSymphonyAPIConnectFailed User was unable to authenticate through the SymphonyAPI.
SLSymphonyAPIInvalidPatronStanding Patron's standing value does not match any defaults.
SLSymohonyAPIPatronRecordExpired The current date is before the SymphonyExpireDate.
SLSymphonyAPIUserNotFound The user does not have a registered account in Symphony or there is an error on the account.
SLSymphonyAPIInvalidPatronProfile User has an invalid profile and is not allowed to register or login. The error message default value will say 'Blocked due to invalid patron profile'.

Note! The required custom keys for connecting to the SymphonyAPI are SymphonyAPIAddress, SymphonyUserLookupType, SymphonyUserLookupField, SymphonyAPIStaffUsername, SymphonyAPIStaffPassword, SymphonyAPIClientID, and SymphonyAPILibraryID.


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