Configuring WebCirc

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ILLiad Web Circulation is a web view of basic ILLiad functionality that can be accessed by staff users. In Web Circ, staff users can check items out, check items in, renew items, and mark items as In Transit. Web Circ allows you to perform these basic ILLiad functions on a workstation that does not have the ILLiad client installed. Permissions can be restricted so the staff using Web Circ only have access to that module and cannot use the ILLiad Client or any other ILLiad tools.

By default, the ILLiad Web Circ module is open to all IP addresses and requires a staff username and password to access. If you feel that access via username and password is not secure, you can consider restricting access by IP address in Internet Information Services (IIS) on the ILLiad web server.

Web Circ Customization Keys

There are 5 keys relating to Web Circulation in the ILLiad Customization Manager. All of these keys can be found under Web Interface | Web Circulation.

While the keys are for configuring the system, you can edit the status lines and other text resources if necessary. These are included in the WebResources.resx file located in the App_GlobalResources folder under the WebCirc application folder. You can edit this file using any standard text editor (like notepad). This file includes all the values for the status lines and tool tips in the Web Circ module. Since Web Circ is an internal application, you should rarely have the need to change any values in the file. For reference, the default values for all entries are listed in below.

WebCircEnableCheckIn Determines whether or not staff users can check items in.
WebCircEnableCheckOut Determines whether or not staff users can check items out.
Determines if items can be marked In Transit From Customer.
Determines if items can be marked In Transit to Pickup Location.
WebCircEnableRenew Determines whether or not staff users can renew items.
Determines whether or not staff users can check out and renew for blocked users. If this value is set to No, a quick check out or renewal will cause the VerifyUserCleared status message to display.

Editing Web Circ Web Pages

The Web Circ pages (ViewRequest.aspx, ViewUser,aspx, any *.aspx pages) are system pages, and are overwritten whenever there is a new ILLiad system update to the Web Circ module. While it is possible to customize these pages, any customizations made would be overwritten each time there is an update. 

For this reason, Atlas Systems recommends using the default Web Circ pages without customization.

Webresources.resx Default Values

This table is for reference purposes only. Do not change the values in this file unless directed by Atlas or OCLC support personnel.

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    Application Title ILLiad Web Circulation
    ChangeSiteMenuText Change Site ({0})
    ChangeSiteMenuTooltip Change your current site
    CheckInFailure Transaction {0} was unable to be checked in.
    CheckInMenuText CheckIn
    CheckInSuccess Transaction {0} was successfully checked in. 
    CheckOutFailure Transaction {0} was unable to be checked out.
    CheckOutMenuText Check Out
    CheckOutSuccess Transaction {0} was successfully checked out.
    Copyright Copyright © Atlas Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    GenericFailure An error has occurred. {0}
    HomeMenuText Home
    HomeMenuTooltip Go to the main page
    InTransitFailure Transaction {0} was unable to be marked as In Transit.
    InTransitSuccess Transaction {0} was successfully marked as In Transit.
    InvalidRenewalPeriod Renewals for Transaction {0} are only accepted between {1} and {2}.
    InvalidSearchTerm Please enter a valid search term.
    InvalidTransaction Invalid Transaction Number {0}
    InvalidTransactionOwner Transaction {0} does not belong to {1}. Owned by {2}.
    InvalidTransactionStatusForCheckIn Transaction {0} is not available for Check In. [Current Status: {1}]
    InvalidTransactionStatusForCheckOut Transaction {0} is not available for Check Out. [Current Status: {1}]
    InvalidTransacitonStatusForInTransit Transaction {0} is not available for In Transit. [Current Status: {1}]
    InvalidTransactionStatusForRenewal Transaction {0} is not available for Renewal. [Current Status: {1}]
    LogoffMenuText Logoff {0} 
    LogoffMenuTooltip Logoff ILLiad Web Circulation
    MainMenu Main
    MarkInTransitMenuText Mark In Transit
    PageTitleViewRequestFormat View Request {0}
    PageTitleViewUsernameFormat {0}
    QuickTasksMenu Quick Tasks
    RenewalFailure Transaction {0} was unable to be renewed. 
    RenewalInvalid Transaction {0} was unable to be renewed. {1}
    RenewalsNotAllowed Renewals are not allowed for Transaction {0}.
    RenewalSuccess Transaction {0} was successfully renewed.
    RenewMenuText Renew
    SearchTabText Search
    SiteMenuText Site
    TooltipQuickCheckInTextbox Transaction Number of item to be checked in 
    TooltipQuickCheckOutTextbox Transaction Number of item to be checked out
    TooltipQuickMarkInTransitTextbox Transaction Number of item to be marked in transit 
    TooltipQuickRenewTextbox Transaction Number of item to be checked in
    TransactionTasksMenu Transaction Tasks
    UserBlocked BLOCKED
    UserBlockedCssClass failure
    UserClearedCssClass success
    UserDisavowed Disavowed
    UserDisavowedCssClass failure
    UserNew User Registration Incomplete 
    UserNewCssClass failure
    UserNotCleared Not Cleared
    UserNotClearedCssClass failure
    VerifyPieces Verify the correct number of pieces
    VerifyUserCleared User {0} is currently blocked. Please direct {0} to the Interlibrary Loan Office.





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