Using WebCirc


ILLiad Web Circulation is a web view of basic ILLiad functionality that can be accessed by staff users. In Web Circ, staff users can check items out, check items in, renew items, and mark items as In Transit. Web Circ allows you to perform these basic ILLiad functions on a workstation that does not have the ILLiad client installed. Permissions can be restricted to the staff using Web Circ only have access to that module and cannot use the ILLiad Client or any other ILLiad tools.

By default, the ILLiad Web Circ module is open to all IP addresses and requires a staff username and password to access. If you feel that access via username and password is not secure, you can consider restricting access by IP address in Internet Information Services (IIS) on the ILLiad web server.

Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks allow staff users to quickly process an operation when the Transaction Number is known. Enter the transaction number in the appropriate box and click the respective button. A status message will display indicating if the operation was successful or encountered an error. You can also use a barcode scanner to enter the Transaction Number if available.

Occasionally a quick task transaction will redirect to the View Request page. This happens when attempting to check in or mark an item in transit that has multiple pieces. If a user is blocked from using ILLiad, a status message will be displayed to alert the staff member.

  1. Enter the transaction number into the box next to the name of the function you want to perform: Mark Received, Check Out, Mark Returned, Check In, or Renew.
  2. Click on the button next to the box you entered the Transaction Number.
  3. A message will appear at the top of the page letting you know if the operation was successful or not.

Mark Received

Marking an item received will change the transaction status to Awaiting Customer Contact. This operation is only allowed if the transaction status is currently at In Transit to Pickup Location.

Check Out 

Checking an Item out will change the transaction status of the request to Checked Out to Customer. Checkouts can only be processed if the current transaction status is Customer Notified via E-Mail or Customer Notified via Phone. All Web Circulation Check Out activity may be disabled by setting WebCircEnableCheckOut to No in the ILLiad Customization Manager.

Mark Returned

Marking an item returned will change the transaction status to In Transit from Customer. This operation is only allowed if the transaction status is currently at Checked Out to CustomerRenewal Requested or Renewed by Customer to xx/xx/xxxx.

Check In

Checking an item in will change the transaction status of the request to Awaiting Return Label Printing. If the item was at a previous status of In Transit or Checked Out to Customer, an entry of Item Checked In will be added to the request tracking. If the item was never picked up by the customer, an entry of Item Not Picked Up will be added to the request tracking. Performing a check-in will update the OCLC request to Returned. All Web Circulation Check In activity may be disabled by setting WebCircEnableCheckIn to No in the Customization Manager.


The Renew process in ILLiad Web Circulation is very similar to the renewals that users can request themselves on the ILLiad web pages. If AutomaticRenewals is set to No in Customization Manager, the transaction status will be changed to Renewal Requested. If AutomaticRenewals is set to Yes, if renewals are allowed on the item and the renewal period is valid (defined by the RenewalWindowDays and RenewalBeforeWindowDays), the transaction status will change to Renewed by Customer to xx/xx/xxxx. All Web Circulation Renewal activity may be disabled by setting WebCircEnableRenewal to No in the Customization Manager.


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