Adding the Export Course Info Option

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If you are not using the default Ares web pages, you can add the Export Course Info link to your web pages in order to download course information into an Excel spreadsheet. This functionality is included in the default Ares web pages. Existing sites will need to use the new pages or edit their existing pages using the steps outlined below. 

The steps listed below will add the Export Course Info link to your existing web pages. When Instructors or Proxy Instructors click the Export Course Info link, information from the selected course is downloaded to an Excel file. If you are using web pages other than the default pages included with Ares, you will need to edit your include_instructorcoursemenu.html and include_courseproxycoursemenu.html forms to include this link.

  1. Add the following link to the last line in the list of Course Tools in the include_instructorcoursemenu.html and include_courseproxycoursemenu.html web pages.

    <li class="last"><a href="<#ACTION action="10" form="123" value="CourseID" valuetype="Lookup">">Export Course Info</a></li>


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