Adding and Removing Radio Buttons

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Each Instructor Request Form (IRF) contains a line asking, "How will this item be supplied?" along with several radio button options such as "I will bring the material to the library" and "Please have library staff pull the material off shelves". These radio buttons set the SupplyMethod value and are governed by the html code included in each of the default Request forms. The buttons included on the form are determined by the type of reserve request (article, chapter, book, audio or video). This page explains the rules and accepted values for the Supply Method radio buttons.

Supply Method Radio Button Values

The following values are accepted and understood by the web DLL:


I will upload a file


I will bring the material to the library


The item should link to a website


Please have library staff pull the material off the shelves


Please consider this item for purchase and make it available to my students through course reserves

Supply Method Radio Button HTML

Shown here is the html code for each of the radio buttons used to set the Supply Method (SupplyMethod) value. As stated above, each of the Request forms contains the html code specific to the radio button options for that reserve request type. For example, the Request form for an article, IRFArticle.html, includes all of the following html code except the Purchase label. Refer to the specific Request forms to view the available default options.

<label for="SupplyMethod">
<#ERROR name="ERRORSupplyMethod">
<b><span class="<#VALIDATION name="ERRORSupplyMethod">">How will this item be supplied?</span></b>

	<label for="File">
		<input id="File" type="radio" checked="checked" <#PARAM Name="SELECTED" Identifier="SupplyMethod" Value="File"> name="SupplyMethod" value="File" class="f-radio" tabindex="200" />I will upload a file</label>

	<label for="WillDeliver">
		<input id="WillDeliver" type="radio" <#PARAM Name="SELECTED" Identifier="SupplyMethod" Value="WillDeliver"> name="SupplyMethod" value="WillDeliver" class="f-radio" tabindex="205" />I will bring the material to the library</label>

	<label for="WebLink">
		<input id="WebLink" type="radio" <#PARAM Name="SELECTED" Identifier="SupplyMethod" Value="WebLink"> name="SupplyMethod" value="WebLink" class="f-radio" tabindex="210" />The item should link to a website</label>

	<label for="StaffSearch">
		<input id="StaffSearch" type="radio" <#PARAM Name="SELECTED" Identifier="SupplyMethod" Value="StaffSearch"> name="SupplyMethod" value="StaffSearch" class="f-radio" tabindex="215" />Please have library staff pull the material off the shelves</label>

	<label for="Purchase">
		<input id="Purchase" type="radio" <#PARAM Name="SELECTED" Identifier="SupplyMethod" Value="Purchase"> name="SupplyMethod" value="Purchase" class="f-radio" tabindex="220" />Please consider this item for purchase and make it available to my students through course reserves</label>

Adding and Removing Radio Buttons

To add radio buttons to a Request form, simply add the html code for the value as shown in the example above. If you want to remove certain options from the list, simply comment out those options you don't want to offer from the html code on a Request form.

Changing the Text of the Radio Buttons

You can edit the text that appears on the Instructor's web pages, for example, changing the wording of the "File" label from "I will upload a file" to "Instructor File Upload", as long as the correct value (in this example, "File") is assigned in the label.

If you edit a Request page, remember that each of the IRF pages has a corresponding Edit page, so you will need to make the same change to that page. For example, if you edit IRFArticle.html you will also need to edit IRFEditArticle.html.


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