Visible to Students Option on Item Forms

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Sites now have the option to customize forms on the Ares web pages to add a Yes/No option for "Visible to Students." The default value is Yes.

This is an optional feature that is not included on the default Ares web pages.


To support the VisibleToStudents property when editing Items and to provide control over Item visibility at the time of creation, you can use the new VisibleToStudents #OPTION tag.

<#OPTION name="VisibleToStudents" selectedValue="No">

This will create the <select> element you need for submitting a value for VisibleToStudents, and the "No" option will be selected. If the selectedValue attribute is omitted, the selected option will be set to the current value of VisibleToStudents for Items that are being edited, or "Yes" for new Items that haven't been created yet.

Like other Option tags, there are some optional attributes that can be specified.

  • CSSClass: This allows you to specify a class name that will be applied to the generated select element.
  • onChange: This allows you to specify javascript code that will be executed when the generated select element's onChange event is triggered.
  • TabIndex: This allows you to specify a tab index for the generated select element.


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