System Alert Messages

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The Awaiting Clearance alert and Cancellation alert are default system messages. Their pre-formatted text values are configured in the Web alerts section of the customization manager and can be edited to suit your institution. Listed here are the customization keys used with each default system alert message.

The Cancellation Alert

The cancellation alert is posted to a user's account when an item that a user has requested has been cancelled by staff.

  • CancellationAlertMessage The default text of the cancellation alert is found in this key. If you want to edit the message, change the text here.

The Awaiting Clearance Alert

The clearance alert is posted when a user with a status that is auto-granted Instructor privileges creates an account but has yet to be cleared by staff. Clearance alerts are designed for newly registered users with a status that is configured to have Instructor privileges assigned automatically by default and that will be cleared manually in the client. The alert informs the user that they have been granted Instructor privileges and will receive an email from the Reserves department when they have been cleared to inform them that they can begin adding courses and items.

The scenario to prompt the alert is created by adding the status to the ClearCustomersInstructorStatus key and omitting the status from the AutoClearStatuses key. (If you list the status in the AutoClearStatuses key, the user will be cleared automatically and an alert will not be sent.) Note that creating this scenario does not prevent a user with Instructor Privileges from adding courses until they are cleared; it simply posts an alert to their account informing them that Instructor privileges are contingent upon being cleared by staff.

Customization Keys

  • UseInstructorAlertAwaitingClearance Set this key to Yes to tell Ares to send the Alert based on the criteria mentioned above.
  • InstructorAlertAwaitingClearance The default text of the clearance alert is found in this key. If you want to edit the message, change the text here.
  • ClearCustomersInstructorStatus Statuses must be listed here for a clearance alert to be sent. List the specific statuses that you want to clear manually and allow to automatically have Instructor privileges (usually Faculty).


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