Instructor and Personal Tags

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Instructors and students can add tags to Items on the Ares web pages so they can categorize them for easy viewing and organizing. There are two different kinds of tags:

  • Instructor Tags: These tags are visible to all instructors, proxies, and students in a course.
  • Personal Tags: These tags are for personal use and are not visible to anyone else.

Instructor Tags are also displayed on the Item form and in search results in the Ares client and can be managed and modified by staff.

Creating and Viewing Tags

Instructors and students can add Instructor and Personal Tags to their reserve Items so they can categorize them for easy viewing and organizing.

  1. On the Ares web pages, open a Course Details page.
  2. Click Show Details on a reserve Item you want to add a Tag to.
  3. The Reserve Item page will open. It contains fields for entering Instructor and Personal tags.
  4. Enter Instructor or Personal Tags. The words and phrases used as Tags need to be separated by a comma.
  5. Click ModifyTags to save the list of tags.
  6. These tags will be added to your reserve Item.

Clicking the ModifyTags button in either the Instructor Tags section or Personal Tags section saves only the tags in that field. You must click ModifyTags for each field each time you make a change to the field.

Filtering Items with Tags

Instructors and students can filter their list of reserve Items by tag on a Course Details page. To filter the view:

  • Click on a tag from the list above the Reserve Items grid
  • Click on a tag link in the Tags column in the grid

Clicking on a tag will filter the view for that tag and show only Reserve Items containing that tag.

Purging Personal Tags

Staff can choose to purge personal tags using the PurgeStudentTags customization key. If set to Yes, all personal tags for all user statuses will be purged. The date the tags will be purged is based on the ItemFileCleanupGraceDays customization key, found under System | Item Cleanup.

  1. In the Ares Customization Manager, navigate to System | Tags | PurgeStudentTags.
  2. Set the value to Yes.

The PurgeStudentTags key will delete only Personal Tags, and it will delete Personal Tags for all user statuses. Instructor tags will not be deleted.


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