Creating a Data Source Connection

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AtlasBI was launched and implemented over the last year replacing Atlas Systems’ hosted SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Aeon and Ares. Atlas hosted SSRS will be decommissioned on 8/31/2019.

Self-hosted customers can take advantage of AtlasBI by allowing firewall/access to AtlasBI IP addresses and providing a read-only SQL account that can query your database.

If Atlas is hosting your report services we will create your data source connection for you. If you are self-hosting reports you will need to complete this step as part of your setup.

Before you can create and run reports, you must establish the source of your data by pointing the SSRS server to your SQL server.

  1. From within your institution folder, accessed via the web, click New Data Source on the main menu.
  2. The New Data Source screen displays. Enter the necessary information and click OK.
  3. Click Test Connection if you want to test the server connection first.
  4. You are now ready to create and run reports.

The "Connection String" Field

When pointing to a production version of SQL Server, the connection string format is:

Data Source=;Initial Catalog=AresData

The "Connect Using" Options

When the report server connects to the data source, it is using the read-only account you created to access the data.

Click Credentials stored securely in the report server and enter that Username and Password.

Understanding Data Sources and Datasets

Opening one of the default reports, for example, Reserve Items by Instructor, you will notice that the Report Data column on the left side of the form includes entries for Data Sources and DataSets. If you are hosted, these entries have been configured for you by Atlas Systems. The data source is the connection to your database. All reports must have a data source entry. Datasets are the saved queries that have been created for a saved report based off of the data source.

When you create new reports, you will configure your data source and dataset information for that particular report. Report Builder comes with a built-in library of information to assist you with creating reports.


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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