Aeon 4.0 Web Page Changes

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Below are all changes that were made to the Aeon web pages for version 4.0. Some items include code samples to edit your web pages if you have existing customizations. 

These changes apply to sites updating their web pages from Aeon 3.9 to 4.0. See Aeon 3.9 Web Page Changes for version 3.9 changes.

Use Sites.Description value in web page grids instead of Transactions.Site value

A new column, SiteDescription, is available in request grids. This allows the more descriptive Sites.Description value to be displayed in web page grids in place of the Transactions.Site value.

For example, assuming that the site GRN exists in the Site table, and that the description of that site is set to 'Green Reading Room', the customer will see 'Green Reading Room' in the grid because it tells the user which reading room to go to for the item instead of "GRN" which is less clear.  If the site cannot be found in the Sites table, then the Site value from the Transactions table will display.

The SiteDescription field can be added to the following DLL Tables: 

  • ViewRequests
  • ViewAllRequests
  • ViewOutstandingRequests
  • ViewUserReviewRequests
  • ViewOrderEstimates
  • ViewRequestHistory
  • ViewCheckedOutItems
  • ViewCancelledRequests
  • ViewElectronicDeliveryUndelete
  • ViewElectronicDelivery
  • ViewActivityRequests
  • CreditCardPayment

SiteDescription is also available as a field in the RequestsInReview DataRepeater.


<#TABLE name="ViewCancelledItems" headerText="Cancelled Requests" noDataAction="ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Cancelled Requests" sortable="true" column="TransactionNumber:TN" column="SiteDescription:Site" column="Title" column="ItemAuthor:Author/Creator" column="CallNumber:Call Number" column="ItemVolume:Volume/Box" column="TransactionStatus:Status" orderby="TransactionNumber DESC">

Remove unnecessary div from include_header_request.html 

Bug fix to remove a div from the include_header_request.html page in the default web pages that had no content.


<div id="title-name">>a href=">#ACTION action="10"form="10">">Aeon>/a>>/div>
<div id="status">>/div>
<div id="search">


<div id="title-name">>a href=">#ACTION action="10" form="10">">Aeon>/a>>/div>
<div id="search">









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