Shared Server Support

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ILLiad Shared Server is a way for multiple related institutions to share a single ILLiad server. Shared Server Support is designed for institutions that wish to share one database with multiple Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery processing locations and have each location running ILLiad using their own settings and preferences.

Upgrading to a Shared Server ILLiad System and/or Adding Sites

Institutions currently using Single Server ILLiad Systems that wish to upgrade to Shared Server ILLiad Systems, and institutions that are already using Shared Server ILLiad systems that wish to add new sites to the system should contact OCLC Sales to deal with any contractual issues regarding the change. Once the appropriate contractual amendments have been made, OCLC will contact Atlas Systems, Inc. to perform the upgrade and/or site addition. Atlas will coordinate this relatively major ILLiad database change with the institution in question.

Original ILLiad licensees with contracts through Atlas Systems, Inc. would still contact Atlas Systems, Inc. directly for information about setting up additional sites in a shared server environment.

OCLCPrimaryLendingDownload Customization Key

This customization key designates which site should be the primary Lending site in a Shared Server ILLiad system that is using shared OCLC symbols.

Note: This key does not exist by default. When created for a Shared Server ILLiad system with multiple sites sharing an OCLC symbol, it should be created ONLY for the site that is to be designated as the Primary Lending Download site.

  • If each site has its own OCLC symbol, this key is not needed. 
  • If 3 sites on a given server share an OCLC symbol, ONE of those sites needs this key.
  • If 3 sites on a given server share an OCLC symbol, and 3 OTHER sites share a second OCLC symbol, ONE site in each of the two batches of sites need this key.

Adding the OCLCPrimaryLendingDownload Key

You can add this key by navigating to the Customization table and adding a new line by clicking New Record. The Customization table found under System | General | Customization.

CustKey OCLCPrimaryLendingDownload
Value Yes
NVTGC *ILL (enter the symbol for the primary site)

Is this site the primary site for downloading OCLC requests for that symbol?

AdminCat System
AdminKey OCLC
AdminType YesNo


You can also run a script on your database to insert this key:

INSERT INTO Customization (CustKey, Value, NVTGC, Description, AdminCat, 
AdminKey, AdminType)
VALUES ('OCLCPrimaryLendingDownload','Yes','*ILL','Is this site the primary 
site for downloading OCLC requests for that symbol?','System','OCLC','YesNo')




If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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