Accessing the ILLiad Connection Manager

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The System Group, located on the Main Page of ILLiad, houses the following ILLiad services running on the ILLiad web server:

  • Connection Manager
  • ISO Manager
  • Odyssey Manager

This is where you will go to check for errors and alerts. Click on Connection Manager in the grid to open the Connection Manager form. 

The Connection Manager Form

From the Connection Manager form, you can check the Connection Manager LogTransaction Errors, and the current status of the Connection Manager. Open the form by clicking on Connection Manager in the System Group on the Main Page, as described above. The Connection Manager form displays, showing a System Information Ribbon and two tabs: Transactions and Log.

The Connection Manager Details in the top left corner of the System Information Ribbon displays the start time, the last time the Connection Manager ran, and the next scheduled run time.

Connection Manager Log

The Log Tab shows details of past Connection Manager sessions and alerts you to any errors that have been returned in the course of normal use. In the upper left corner of the Connection Manager form is a refresh button that will allow you to update the session information without closing and reopening the form. This is useful if you are monitoring Connection Manager functions as it is running.

Connection Manager Transactions

The Transactions Tab provides details of the errors that have been returned; the ILLiad Transaction Number appears in the error details, and the transaction can be opened from this grid. You access the transaction Request Form related to the error from the Transactions Tab.


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