Aeon 5.1.9 server release now available

An important Aeon server release (5.1.9) was made available on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021. This update is most critical for those using the payment gateway feature as it fixes an issue introduced in Web DLL v5.1.3 (Aeon Server v5.1.8) where billing charges would not be calculated correctly when paying for multiple transactions at once, causing some of those transactions to be incorrectly marked as paid.

Point release notes are available for review here:

If you are Atlas-hosted: All Atlas-hosted Aeon users on v5.1.8 using a payment gateway have been automatically updated to v5.1.9. If we have found that you have had payments affected by this bug, you will be contacted directly by Atlas Support for assistance remediating these charges. 

If you are self-hosted: All self-hosted Aeon users on v5.1.8 should update to v5.1.9 as soon as possible. If you were previously using v5.1.8 and believe that you may have been affected by this bug, please contact Atlas Support at for assistance. 

If you are currently on a version of the Aeon Server prior to v5.1.8 and would like to update to v5.1.9, please contact Atlas Support at




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