Upcoming DOCLINE Changes - New Scripts Release on Tuesday, April 6th

Next week, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will be rolling out the final changes in their project to update the branding of the DOCLINE site. This release will be incorporating new CSS pages. In conjunction with this release, Atlas Systems will be providing an updated set of DOCLINE scripts next Tuesday, April 6th that accommodate these changes.

Note: the scripts were written based on the code changes provided by NLM and we won't be able to test until NLM pushes the pages to production on Wednesday, April 7th. Atlas will be on standby to address any concerns, should they arise. If you experience any problems with ILLiad, please contact support at (800) 567-7401 or support@atlas-sys.com.  DOCLINE Support can be reached at https://support.nlm.nih.gov/support/create-case/ 

What's in the New DOCLINE Scripts?

Changes include:

  • Site header and footers and menu will have a new look
  • Remove hidden menu items (e.g., Place Request – PMID and Order Single PMID)
  • Structure/contents page changes (e.g., wrapped div elements)

Note: Atlas will be contacting sites that are currently using the hidden order single PMID link since this functionality will no longer be supported as a part of the update. This feature has been deprecated in favor of the multiple PMID form used to batch create requests (ILLiad only supports 1 request at a time since it's created based on the actual request in the client). Going forward, we recommend using the multiple PMID form. 

Pages affected include:

  • Home page (Activity & Status)
  • All Borrow menu features
  • Request method pages
  • Corresponding resubmit forms
  • Lending menu features
  • Update page
  • Receipt page
  • Search Lending and Borrow pages and the search results

Updating the DOCLINE Scripts

Note: A known bug is causing the auto-updater to only install the new scripts to C:\ProgramData\ILLiad\Docline. In order to run the new scripts in ILLiad, you must manually replace the contents of C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline\ with the contents of C:\ProgramData\ILLiad\Docline after the auto-updater finishes its installation.

The new scripts can be installed one of two ways:

  • DOCLINE Automatic Updater - If you enabled the auto-updater, the client will prompt to update as soon as the new scripts become available. If you just enabled the updater keys recently, you may need to close and re-open the client to receive the prompt. 
  • Manually replacing the scripts - Download the scripts and replace the current scripts (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline). Note: depending on your institution's setup, you may need administrative privileges to replace the scripts and/or may need to contact your local IT support for assistance. For instructions, see DOCLINE Configuration.



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