DOCLINE 3.2.4 Script Released

Good Afternoon ILLiad Community,

The 3.2.4 DOCLINE Lua scripts are now available! Thank you all for contacting Atlas regarding issues you experienced during yesterday’s DOCLINE scripts update. Because of your quick responses, the dev team was able to push out some hotfixes for the following issues:

  • The “Import All” button was preventing requests from being properly imported.
  • The Lending Updating form was preventing requests from being updated (the “Paste Yes” and “Paste No” buttons were greyed out).

The following enhancement was also added to the scripts:

  • When submitting a borrowing request for an open-access article or an article that appears to be a duplicate request, ILLiad will now pause on the warning message that processes so that the user can see the warning and make changes to the request before sending.


Updating the DOCLINE Scripts

Note: A known bug is causing the auto-updater to only install the new scripts to C:\ProgramData\ILLiad\Docline. In order to run the new scripts in ILLiad, you must manually replace the contents of C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline\ with the contents of C:\ProgramData\ILLiad\Docline after the auto-updater finishes its installation.

The new scripts can be installed one of two ways:

  • DOCLINE automatic updater - If you enabled the auto-updater, the client will prompt to update as soon as the new scripts become available. If you just enabled the updater keys recently, you may need to close and re-open the client to receive the prompt. These keys were added as a part of the 9.1.2 server update. If you aren’t currently on v9.1.2, you can still manually add the DoclineAutoUpdateEnabled and DoclineAutoUpdateFieldTranslation keys.
  • Manually replacing the scripts - Download the scripts and replace the current scripts (default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Docline). Note: depending on your institution's setup, you may need administrative privileges to replace the scripts and/or may need to contact your local IT support for assistance. For instructions, see DOCLINE Configuration.


Thank You,

Sara Juel, MBA

Access Services Product Manager

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