Ares Telemetry Data Collection

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Beginning with Ares v5.0.4/5.0.6, telemetry data collection has been added to the Ares Client and Web API to help Atlas identify which areas to target for future enhancements within Ares. This feature has been implemented with several restrictions described below to protect user privacy and may be deactivated at any time following the instructions in this article.

Description of Data Collected

The telemetry data collection feature will track the number of times each form and button is used in the Ares Client and each time an endpoint is used in the Ares API. This information will be used by Atlas to assist with prioritizing features for future Ares updates. Data collection will operate under the following restrictions and privacy considerations:

  • The data collected will not be associated with your institution and only a general number of total clicks by all Ares users will be recorded and transmitted to Atlas (e.g., the total number of times the Process Copyright queue is opened on a certain day by all Ares users).
  • To protect user privacy, no personally identifying data including item, course, staff, or user details will be collected.
  • All data collected will remain internal to Atlas Systems and will not be shared with third parties.

Deactivating Telemetry

You may disable data collection at any time by adding and configuring two new customization keys to the Customization table in the Ares Customization Manager (located under System | General). These keys are not automatically added by default and must be manually added by creating a new entry for each key in the Customization table with the settings below:

Please contact Atlas Support at if you require assistance configuring these customization keys. 
Cust Key DisableClientAppInsights DisableApiAppInsights
Value Yes Yes
Key Description A value of Yes in this key will disable sending telemetry data for the Ares Client. A value of Yes in this key will disable sending telemetry data for the Ares API.
Category System System
Sub Category General General
Key Type YesNo YesNo
Read Only Unchecked Unchecked
Processing Location (DEFAULT) (DEFAULT)
After configuring these keys, telemetry data collection can be re-enabled by setting the key values to No


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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