Ares Integrations

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The Ares system automates library reserve services, provides around-the-clock access to reserves collections, includes integrated copyright management services, and saves time for faculty and library staff.

Ares centralizes the management of content available from disparate sources and in a variety of formats facilitating the work of faculty, students, and library staff.

  • Course designers, instructors, or their proxies need to select resources to support course curricula.
  • Students require easy access for their academic success.
  • Library staff want an efficient workflow to manage these transitory collections, ensure resource fair use, manage budgets, curate selections based on usage, and generate analytics.

To meet these needs, Ares integrates with various systems to efficiently exchange information from common interfaces. This compendium illustrates how Ares integrates with other systems.


Ares supports Single Sign On (SSO) allowing faculty and students to connect with Ares seamlessly using their campus authentication credentials.

Supported protocols include:

  • LDAP
  • CAS
  • Shibboleth

More information about how Ares authentication works can be found at Authentication

Copyright Licensing Services

An important part of any reserves or course resource management service is to ensure fair use of materials while also managing budgets when a resource may be available from multiple sources. Ares integrates with the Copyright Clearance Center within the staff client to secure copyright permissions. In addition, Ares allows for the processing of copyright with alternate copyright providers.

More information about how Ares can help manage copyright can be found at Copyright

Course and User Load

The Course and User Load functionality in Ares allows you to upload and maintain current Course data from your institution's registrar system. This helps to ensure that the course enrollment in Ares is up to date. More information can be found at Course User Loads

Course Management Systems

Course management most commonly begins with the campus Course Management System (CMS). Ares integrates with these systems to both bring course information into Ares and to present resources to instructors and users through the CMS interface.

Ares integrates with the most commonly implemented Course Management Systems including:

  • Angel
  • Blackboard
  • Moodle
  • Learning Tools Operability (LTI) can be used with supporting systems

More information about how Ares can integrate with Course Management Systems can be found at Course Management Systems


Ares supports the ability to search and retrieve information from bibliographic and discovery systems to avoid the requirement for end users and staff to re-enter information to submit requests and access information.

To achieve integration, Ares supports the following protocols and methods to connect with other bibliographic and descriptive systems:


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