Batch Item Uploading

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Batch Item Upload allows multiple scanned items to be uploaded to Ares and made available on Electronic Reserves or placed in the Item Activation Pending queue until the upcoming course is activated

Before this can be done, several configuration steps need to be taken:

  1. In the Customization Manager
    • Expand System
    • Click Batch Item Uploading
    • In BatchUploadProcessingInterval, enter the number of minutes for Ares to wait between file uploads. The default is 10 minutes, but can be adjusted
  2. In UploadItemsPath in the Customization Manager
    • Designate the location where scanned items will be saved for uploading

      Make sure that the path designated actually exists. If it is a local path on the machine that will be used for scanning, the Ares client must be installed on the machine
    • Save the location in the Customization Manager

      If the Ares Client was open while these changes were made, restart the client afterward so that the changes will take effect

  3. On the web server
    • Create a new folder called BatchItemUpload (must have no spaces and the correct capitalization) that is located in the path designated by the AresPhysicalDocPath key. By default, the AresPhysicalDocPath key is set to C:\Ares\AresDocs\PublicDocs\.

      Contact Atlas Systems, if Atlas-hosted, or your Ares web server administrator, if self-hosted, so that the folder can be created.

Once the configuration steps have been completed, the following workflow can be executed:

  1. In the client, route items that need to be scanned to the Awaiting Scanning queue for tracking purposes
  2. Retrieved items will be scanned with their pull slip
  3. Items will be named with their Ares ID numbers (ie: 295.pdf) to the path that is designated in the UploadItemsPath key in the Customization Manager
  4. In the client, open the Process Ribbon
    • Click the Batch Item Upload button
      • All of the files that were saved to the BatchItemUpload folder will be displayed
    • Click the Upload button

      A green status bar displays as items are uploading. How long the upload process lasts depends on several factors: how many items are being uploaded, the size of the files and how strong of a connection there is to the web server.

  5. Once the amount of time previously specified in BatchUploadProcessingInterval has elapsed, items will be moved to the AresDocs\PublicDocs folder, and item records for current courses will automatically route to the Item Available on Electronic Reserves queue. Item records with Active Dates that have not yet passed will route to the Item Activation Pending queue until the Active Date arrives.







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