Configuring Processing Sites and Pickup Locations

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Set up the various locations to be used as Pickup Locations and/or Processing Sites in the Ares Customization Manager. The Sites table is located under System | Sites. There will be a record there for the Default Library. Once you have set up all of your processing sites and pickup locations, Loan Periods must be configured for each pickup location.

One thing to remember when setting up Sites is that a Processing Site can have many Pickup Locations associated with it but a Pickup Location cannot belong to more than one Processing Site.

Adding Records to the Sites Table

Configure your processing sites and pickup locations in the Sites table by placing correct values in the columns described below.

  • The Site Code is what you want to use to identify the Pickup Location (usually a three or four character abbreviation or acronym). This is used by internal Ares processes.
  • The Site Name field holds the name that will be seen by web users and Client users when they choose the pickup location for the items they are processing.
  • Contact Name, Contact Email, ContactPhone fields can be used in the email templates to give instructor users contacts if they have questions or issues with a particular item.
  • The Default Processing Site field defines the site that will be processing items for this Pickup Location. If there is only one Processing Site in your Reserves Operation then put "Default" in this field. The value entered here should be the same as the value in the Site Code of the processing site.
  • The Available for Pickup and Available for Processing options are used to identify the site as either just a Pickup Site, a Processing Site, or both. If a Processing Site is also a Pickup/Dropoff Location then use the same code in the "SiteCode" and DefaultProcessingSite" fields.

Editing, Copying and Deleting Records in the LoanPeriods Table

See the Table View section of the customization manager documentation to learn how to copy, edit and delete records in the LoanPeriods table.


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