Processing Lending Conditional Responses

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Once a conditional message is sent, the requesting institution may reply and either agree or disagree to whatever terms you set in the original message. These reply messages are downloaded back into ILLiad with the standard OCLC downloads. Any changes made by a borrowing library to a conditionalized request are reflected on the Lending Request form. The Connection Manager updates the same transaction fields when reimporting a conditionalized request as it does when importing a new request. Conditional Responses will download from OCLC as a part of normal ILLiad Connection Manager processing; no staff intervention is required to download them. Upon importing, ILLiad will attempt to match any downloaded Cond/Pend records with transactions already in the system. Imported Conditional Response records will then automatically be routed to a status of Awaiting Conditional Request Processing.

In Local Shared Server Systems, Conditional requests must be processed manually. See Local Conditionals for more information.

Processing Conditionals

  1. Navigate to the Lending tab on the main ILLiad screen.
  2. Double-click on the Awaiting Conditional Request Processing queue.
  3. Double-click to open the transaction you want to process.
  4. Any changes made by the borrower, e.g., changing max cost, edition, adding a billing note, are updated to the Lending Request form.
  5. You'll also see the original Lending reason for conditionalization in the Notes section.
  6. Information from the OCLC request will display in the Imported Request tab. If necessary, you can expand this section of the form by scrolling down.
  7. Verify that the conditional requirements, whatever they may have been, were met and either search the request as usual or cancel the request.


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