Configuring Loan Periods

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Loan Periods, configured in the Ares Customization Manager with the LoanPeriods table, indicate the length of time that a physical reserve Item will be available to users accessing the Item from the Reserves desk.

If no Loan Period options are available or if no Loan Period is chosen for the Item, the client defaults to the Not a Loan option.

Creating a Loan Period

The LoanPeriods table is found in the Ares Customization Manager under System | General | Loan Periods.

  1. In the Loan Periods table, click New Record.
  2. Fill in the values in the table:

    LoanPeriod ID This field is auto-generated.
    Site The "ALL" Site will be in your system by default and should be used if
    a Loan Period is not being set up for a specific site. If the Loan Period is for a specific site location, enter that site code in the Site field.
    Description A description of the time allowed for the Loan Period (ex: 2 Hours).
    Minutes The number of minutes that the Description field translates to in
    number format (ex: 120).
    Visible to Instructor If checked, the Loan Period option will display to the Instructor on the web. If not checked, the Loan Period option will only be able for use by staff in the Client.
  3. Click Save.

    If you have more than one site, you can create different LoanPeriod records for each site code. For example, site ABC might allow 2-hour loans while site XYZ offers only 1-hour loans. 
    If staff selects a loan period that is not normally visible to instructors, that loan period option will display on the web as an available option as the first option in the Loan Period drop-down in the edit view for an Instructor. Instructors can keep that loan period or choose a new one that they would normally be able to select.


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