Configuring Credit Card Payment Providers

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Because each online provider has specific setup procedures and variables, it is best to contact your Aeon Implementation Coordinator or a Customer Service Agent to assist you with configuring the payment provider information. Please let your Customer Service Agent know if you use a provider that is not supported here and we may be able to add that provider in a future release. For assistance with setting up a payment provider in Aeon, contact us via email at

Credit card information is never stored in Aeon. Aeon provides a redirect for payment processing. All payment information is handled outside of Aeon on secure pages hosted by the payment providers.

In addition, credit card payments can only be applied to an order by the researcher via a redirect from the web interface or by the staff via the Aeon client. Staff cannot process credit card payments in the Aeon client. Refunds cannot be issued directly to a credit card. Currently, five payment providers are available to use with Aeon:

Implementing a Credit Card Payment Provider

The following keys need to be set for all Credit Card payment providers. See the additional documentation for configurations specific to the provider that you are using.

  • PaymentProvider specifies the name of the Aeon-supported payment provider you are using.
    • These values are not case-sensitive 
    • Valid values include: 
      • SagePay
      • PayPal
      • 2014 (for older URLs)
      • Touchnet
      • PayEEZY
      • CyberSource
  • PaymentProviderTestModeEnabled is a yes/no key that specifies whether the payment requests should be run in test mode. Note: Some payment providers may further require account-side settings to indicate whether requests are handled as tests or live transactions.

Beginning in version 3.8, additional security measures created minor changes to credit card payment gateway configuration. You are no longer able to set the URL for your payment provider as a customization option. Instead, you will set the name of the payment provider you are using, and the Aeon web DLL will be able to generate the appropriate payment provider URL. The PaymentProviderURL customization key has been removed. It has been replaced with two new keys: PaymentProvider and PaymentProviderTestModeEnabled. When sites update to Aeon 3.8, these new customization keys will automatically be set based on the value previously set in the PaymentProviderURL customization key.

Status Lines Used with Credit Card Payments

The two status lines that are displayed on the user's account when a payment is processed are the SLPaymentConfirmed and SLPaymentError.

  • SLPaymentConfirmed. This is the web status line that appears on the ViewOrderApproval page when a payment has been confirmed. The default value is "Payment for transaction(s) <#TransactionList> has been accepted. Your confirmation code is <#ConfirmationCode>."
  • SLPaymentError. The web status line appears on the payment page when payment could not be completed. The default value is, "Your payment could not be processed at this time." <#PaymentError>.







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