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ILLiad is capable of linking with any database system that supports OpenURL. This allows the ILL patrons to request items found in various library databases directly through ILLiad, without having to re-key any of the request information.

ILLiad OpenURL uses the built-in ILLiad web pages, so you don't have to customize separate request pages specifically for OpenURL. The OpenURL link places them directly inside the standard ILLiad web front-end. Once requested using ILLiad OpenURL, the transaction will appear in the ILLiad Client at the status of Awaiting Request Processing or Awaiting Copyright Clearance like any other ILLiad Borrowing Request.

ILLiad OpenURL is an integral part of the ILLiad Web DLL and uses the same technology and web pages as the rest of the ILLiad web system. Because the ILLiad DLL directs OpenURL to the correct site using the NVTGC value attached to the user record, you can have multiple OpenURL users.

ILLiad is fully Unicode compliant, accepting and displaying CJK, Hebrew, Arabic and other non-Western character sets as well as Extended Latin.




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