Overview of the ILLiad System

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ILLiad is a complete ILL solution, covering Borrowing, Lending, Document Delivery and Electronic Delivery of articles to your patrons.


ILLiad Borrowing allows your library's patrons to submit requests over the web and check the status of their requests without having to contact the ILL staff directly. ILLiad allows your staff to submit requests to online services such as OCLC, Docline, and Rapid without having to re-key requests.


ILLiad Lending will allow your staff to automate the ILL lending process by automatically importing electronically received requests and routing these into working queues based on your choices. It automates the searching of requests on your OPAC and generates the call slips and labels for items.

Document Delivery

ILLiad Document Delivery allows your staff to take requests from the Borrowing web pages and route them for filling from your local collection. Requests not found locally can then be re-routed to the Borrowing module to be supplied by an outside library.

Electronic Delivery

ILLiad Electronic Delivery will let you take anything you can scan or that is delivered electronically via Odyssey, Ariel, or other similar electronic document delivery products, and automatically convert it for web page delivery to your patrons as a PDF file. Electronic Delivery in ILLiad converts electronically received requests into PDF format which are then delivered to the web. A user will log in to their ILLiad main menu to retrieve these documents.


The ILLiad web interface is comprised of HTML files with ILLiad tags and a web DLL. Each ILLiad web page includes tags that the ILLiad web DLL interprets and replaces with correct information. The ILLiad web DLL is the interface between the web pages and the database.


Microsoft SQL Server is the database used by ILLiad. All information about users and requests are stored in the database, as well as customization information for setting up ILLiad.


The ILLiad E-mail files are templates that are stored in the ILLiad database and sent to the user from the ILLiad Client. Each ILLiad Client uses the SMTP server specified in the customization table. The E-mail files include tags that the system will replace with request and user information.


Printing in ILLiad uses Microsoft Word printer templates. These are standard mail merge files, using Microsoft Excel files to export data from ILLiad.




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